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The kissy face according to college humor

"The worst thing about this face is that people make it under the false understanding that it makes them look attractive and sexy. The truth of the matter is that it makes you look like you just made out with an oversized lemon. There are two reasons that this facial expression is known as “the duckface.” 1. It makes your mouth look like a duck bill. 2. It makes people want to shove bread in your face until you go away forever."

Day one of Irene: last night seemed to be going well, but at some point the ground must of gotten so wet that the water is starting to come through the walls of the basement! Not to mention the pump to get the water out is only just working after being off for several hours. Either way, rain has slowed down but everyone is saying that doesn’t matter cause as it goes up the north it’s just gonna keep coming back to the delaware, and lucky me, I live right by the delaware…

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